TMJ/Splint Therapies

Pain and discomfort of TMJ Syndrome is a constant annoyance. Over time, the pain may become nearly unbearable affecting the entire body. Additionally, TMJ symptoms affect any activity that involves the jaw. You may experience symptoms such as; temple headaches, migraine headaches, ear ringing (tinnitis), popping/clicking ofone or both jaw joints, temporary locking of joints in closed or wide-open positions, and general neck, shoulder or jaw discomfort. This means that activities that are normally undertaken many times each day, such as talking and eating, can become uncomfortableto the TMJ sufferer. In the past, people with TMJ problems often resigned themselves to suffer in silence rather than undergo costly and potentially risky surgical procedures that are often ineffective to fix their bite. However, with the help of a dentist that has extensive training and experience in TMJ, you have options.

One excellent treatment option for TMJ syndrome is splint therapy. Splint therapyhelps to correct the patient’s bite without surgery, through the use of dental appliances that align the jaw gradually over time.